The Pinhole CCTV Kit – Digital Template

In tweleve simple stages, you can turn this five page template into a functioning pinhole CCTV camera. This pinhole camera accepts photographic paper and produces 2"x2.5" prints.
– Designed and made by MATT

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Price: £2.00

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The Pinhole CCTV Camera

Nike Cortez

New: Free

Furni Kendall

Furni Kendall

New: £3.00 - £70.00

The Pinhole CCTV Camera

Pinhole CCTV Template

New: £2.00

The Lieca M3 Pinhole Camera

Lieca M3 Template

Price: £3.00 - 45.00

Product - The Fauxlex Watch

Fauxlex Template

Price: Free

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